Vendor Info

Interested in Selling?

Vendors will be contacted if and when we have space available and once their application has been submitted. (Vendors only need to apply once)

We welcome all sellers interested in sharing their products at the Fresno Swap Meet! Minimum of 2 stalls is required. 2 stalls measures 18'x24' and costs $20. Submit an application form below and we will contact you with further information. Please read the Rules and Requirements below before submitting your application.

Vendor fees must be paid in advance of the Sunday you plan to attend. Visit our office to reserve your spaces in advance.

Card and cash are accepted. Card payments are subject to a $3 processing fee.

No refunds.

(Vendors only need to apply once)

Requirements and Rules

  1. Hours of Operation

Vendor gates open at 5:00am and all vendors must be in by 7:00am. Vendors must remain setup until the close of the swap meet. If any vendors wish to leave early, you must get permission from Fresno Swap Meet staff so we can safely assist your exit.

  1. Vehicles

Vendors are allowed one insured vehicle inside the Fresno Swap Meet property and must possess a valid state issued driver's license. Any vehicle without current insurance or any vehicle being driven without a valid drivers license will be asked to leave. The maximum speed inside the swap meet is 5mph with pedestrians having the right of way. It is imperative that all vendors use caution when driving and be mindful of their surroundings. Any vendor not exercising caution and or breaking any rules will be asked to leave.

  1. Space Set Up & Cleanliness

While not required, a pop up is recommended for displaying your merchandise. All popups, tarps, tables, vehicles, merchandise, packaging etc. must be within the guidelines painted on the asphalt. Pop ups must be secured with weights to prevent uplift from high winds. All steel pole banners must be approved by staff before placement. Spaces may not be totally enclosed and must be free of clutter at all times. Vendors are responsible for removing all items they bring into the swap meet. All trash and debris must be thrown away and only items that fit inside designated trash cans will be accepted. Should you wish to not depart with any items you brought in, please contact staff to determine how to dispose of them. Any vendors that do not clean up after themselves will be charged a $20 clean up fee. Fresno Swap Meet reserves the right for staff to enter any reserved space at anytime and for any reason.

  1. Prohibited Items

Certain items are not allowed to be sold, displayed or advertised at the Fresno Swap Meet. Below is a general list but is not limited to only these items. Fresno Swap Meet, at it's own discretion, will determine if an item not listed is prohibited.

  • Stolen items

  • Counterfeit items including purses and shoes

  • Paints (Aerosol or can)

  • Any item that violates copyright, trademark, patent or license infringement

  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, explosives or any flammable items

  • Pornography or anything depicting obscene images or nudity

  • Drug paraphernalia including prescription drugs and the advertisement of drugs or drug use

  • Items that display any vulgar language

  • Live Animals including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles etc.

  • Food including prepackaged drinks and snacks that haven't been approved by management. Approval must be granted before the swap meet, not the day of. Vendors may bring food for their own consumption.

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Items that are in violation of any local, state or federal laws

  • The use of barbeques or cooking equipment and open flames such as candles or firepits

  • The use of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, hoverboards or any other like item

  1. Noise

All vendors must keep noise at an appropriate volume. Yelling, screaming, or using a P.A. system is not allowed. Music must be kept to a low volume and not contain any vulgar or offensive language. Generators are not allowed without prior approval.

  1. State Permits

Vendors who sell more than 2 times per year are required to have a valid Sellers Permit from the State Board of Equalization. You must display this permit at your site while in operation.

  1. Liability

Upon purchase of a space or reservation, the vendor assumes all liability resulting from any incident evolving from, or caused by them, their employees, their merchandise or displays, their vehicle, or any item within their control or possession. The vendor further agrees that they must fully indemnify the Fresno Swap Meet and Island Waterpark from any claim resulting from any such incident. Therefore, it is required that all vendors driving onto the Island Waterpark property must possess valid auto insurance for the vehicle on property as well as a valid state issued driver's license.

  1. Day of Fees

Day of reservations will be subject to a $5 increase per stall. However, we cannot guarantee that space will still be available. We always recommend paying and booking in advance to guarantee your space.

Fresno Swap Meet reserves the right to change any of the above policies at any time and for any reason. Vendors and guests are responsible for understanding and adhering to the above rules and regulations.